Two Hat Games is a team of dedicated Seniors in the Game Design and Development program at the University of Wisconsin Stout. Our team consists of 7 artists and 5 programmers each with our own specializations and interests. We are extremely excited to deliver to you a finished playable game but we are even more excited to share with you our development process. Our hopes are to give you insight into how we develop games here at Stout as well share techniques we are using. Our goal is to develop a finished product worth publishing in 8 months.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @TwoHatGames

And like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwoHatGames

Meet our team!

Executive Producer: Dave Beck


Adam Toth http://adamtoth.net/

Alex Dvorak http://www.alexdvorak.com/

Alyssa Fawcett https://alyssafawcett.wordpress.com/

Will Falk

Leah Bolin

Douglas Heinkel

Veronica Smith


Jeremy Rodgers

Ally Shultz http://allyschultz.weebly.com/

Austin Stewart https://austinthegameprog.wordpress.com/

Kyler Emmerich

Ben Buckli


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