Stout Game Expo 2016

Stout Game Expo

The semester is drawing to a close, and with it, our production of Building 37. Everything we’ve been working of for the last year is coming together, and at the Stout Game Expo (SGX), we will be showing off our game to the public for the first time. It is at this event that all game design students can show off the games they have been working hard on. Each group will have several computers set aside for anyone who wants the play the game.

As a team, SGX has been our end goal. It is where our friends and family, as well as people from both Stout and the community, can come and play our game.  It is our deadline for which we must have the game done and polished, and while the programmers have been busy squashing all the bugs that pop up, the artists have been hard at work putting together additional materials for both SGX and release. We have a launch trailer and posters to help advertise the game, and for the expo, we have pins, stickers, and postcards to give away to those who play our game. We have worked so hard this year, and now is our chance to show the public just what we have accomplished.

After the Stout Game Expo, we also will be showing off our game at the senior show. This event will go much like SGX, but will reach a different crowd of people. We have also entered our game at Glitchcon, which is April 29th and 30th. in the Minnecade. We are looking to enter the game in different game conferences such as Indicade and IGF (Independent Games Festival). After that, we’ll be making the finishing touches on the game before we release it online for anyone and everyone to play. It’ll be available for both Windows and Mac on Gamejolt and

On Wednesday, April 27th , Building 37 will be playable at The Spring 2016 Stout Game Expo from 6 PM – 9 PM in the Memorial Student Center.  If you can, stop by and play the game for yourself!

Game Launch


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