Bloopers and Easter Eggs

Hello Dear Reader,

Two Hat Games is officially in crunch time according to Professor Dave. ‘Crunch Time’ is something like a final alarm in the midst of an impending Tsunami.  We have two weeks to finish the game, squash all bugs, polish any visual errors, stay hydrated, etc.  We, the artists, are putting all of our faith in our programmers and hoping that we end the year with a fun, enjoyable game.

In order to retain our ‘crunch time’ sanity we decided to compile a few bloopers (or bugs if we’re being realistic) that won’t be in the final build!

Despite what you may be thinking based on the video, we do most things intentionally.  There are 3 Senior Game Design Classes this year and around 5 different games.  We collaborated with a few of the the other teams and placed some of their assets in our game as Easter eggs.

We hope to see you playing the game in May! Our game will be available on and Gamejolt.

If you’re in the UW-Stout area, stop by the Stout Game Expo and play on April 27 in the MSC  6pm – 9pm.

Game Launch 2016 Site

Truly yours ❤



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