Giving the Game Some Feeling

Trying to find the right audio for the right spot is something that I like to do and something that I feel was not getting done as efficiently as I wanted it to.  I needed to come up with some way to help into the right frame of mind while trying to figure out what sounds fit and with the help of Adam, I realized I needed to use the maps we have made for each of the levels.  These maps, or floor plans, have helped me start thinking and figuring out what needs to go where so that there is always something there to hear, not just dead silence.

Here is an example of what I have been doing:


While it really is not anything too special except writing on a map, it allows me to have some structure on how I am setting things up and getting the correct sounds that we need to make this game feel right and complete.

A game can have truly amazing mechanics and it can play really well, however if you don’t have sound or correct sounds a lot of people will not truly enjoy the game as much as they would like to.

Having the correctly placed sound effect or 3-D sound allows the player to become more immersed in the game.  The whole goal is not necessarily to get the player to hear every different sound, but to have those sounds be played naturally so that you get the sense of space and surroundings.  An example of that, would be you move from one light to another that slight buzz as you get underneath the light just adds to the realism of the game.


Here are some of the trimmed sound effects that we are implementing into the game:



It has been a long process but changing the workflow and having my attention focused strictly to audio and making the game come to life, have me on a great path to the final build of this game.  Building 37.



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