Finding our Voice

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Detective Ellis and Dr.Shannon!



(Sumner Musolf)                                 (Seth Berrier)

Hey guys and gals this is Jeremy Building 37’s own Game Design –Narrative lead with a special secret post regarding Building 37. You read right building 37 fans we hear at Two Hat Games have found those golden voices that will be our two main characters! Looking for just the right fit for our characters has been going on for about a month now and I am happy to say we have found our matches. We had a lot of people audition and it wasn’t an easy decision to make, yet we as a team are confident that we made the best choices regarding our characters personality. Congratulations to Sumner Musolf (Above Left) and University of Wisconsin – Stout’s very own Seth Berrier (Above Right). We here at Two Hat would also like to thank anyone and everyone who auditioned, it was a great pleasure to see so many interested people wanting to be a part of our game and we are thankful for your time and participation. The voices of Detective Ellis and Dr.Shannon is a huge aspect of our game, it helps engage players and full immerses them into our world and story.

If you don’t know about our characters here’s a little taste of what to expect: Detective Ellis, our main protagonist, is a hardened veteran who specializes in missing person cases. After the war he took his skill in finding people and started his own private investigations firm. Ellis has a slight distain for the way the world is after returning from war, and only goes after cases that peak his personal Interest. Now our Dr.Shannon is a brilliant scientist in the field of “odd” objects, but that was years ago, now after being left alone for many years he had been driven mad, and is now Ellis only help during his investigations. We are excited to bring you Building 37 in the upcoming months, and we hope you are excited to. We are hoping to get moving on with recording later this week and hope to have it in game soon! Thanks for reading, and remember… you didn’t hear this from us.


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