Repeatable Game Assets

When creating a game like Building 37 that is architectural in nature, the creation of repeatable assets and general prop models help lend a sense of realism and authenticity for the player.  They help make a game seem “lived-in” and can act as kind of a visual code to inform the player as to the environment they are in.  When you actually sit down and start to list all the objects that are associated with and found in a government facility, or any big business type facility for that matter, the list of stuff can get pretty long.

However, creating only a handful of general assets that you can just duplicate in Unity and change the placement of each throughout the game, saves time, effort, and is more efficient for development.

Therefore, we have been gradually creating objects within our environment that can be used repeatably throughout each level of our game.  Things like trash cans, doorways/frames, desk chairs, office telephone, general office desks, you get the point.  Once the object is modeled, we have also been creating various differences in the textures we apply to them. We apply these different textures to the same objects in order to add to the variation throughout the game.

We are now at the point in development of our game where everything aesthetically is starting to come life.  As we begin to increase are asset creation and implement them into the game, Building 37 is starting to look like an actual lived-in facility.

The images below are only a handful of the repeatable asset we have created for use in Building 37 as general prop models which can be used throughout the game.

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– Douglas Heinkel


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