We are back from “Break”

As you may have noticed, the Two Hat blog has been a bit empty the past few weeks. As we transitioned from semester one to semester two we found it necessary to give ourselves a bit of a break to spend the holidays with our friends and family. We hope you had a good holiday season and hope your year has been off to a great start as ours has. With the first day of class and production ramping up to full speed tomorrow we are more excited than ever. We are now just over the half way point in the development of Building 37 and now things are really going to get exciting.

As you may have noticed the word break in the title is in quotations. That is because even though our dedicated artists and programmers were not it the lab, they still continued to work as they came out of their holiday food comas. After having a mid-mortem discussion on the progress we made on creating an alpha of Building 37, it quickly became apparent that if we want to produce a quality deliverable game that we are all proud to stand behind we must have a smaller sub-sprint over winterm. So for the past two weeks our artists have been working to further geometry on existing rooms and objects as well as laying out UV maps so that we can start to incorporate textures and really breathe life into our underground warehouse of mystery. Our programmers started to clean up and make their code more efficient as well as fix bugs in the existing mechanics. Our goal over break was to set ourselves up for success once the semester starts up so that we may hit the ground running.


So what’s next you ask? In the following weeks you can look forward to seeing finalized art and clips of gameplay. Much of semester was spent laying the ground work and putting things in place so to speak. This semester will be spent polishing and revisiting things so that they are as visually pleasing and as engaging as we can make them.


Alex Dvorak Environment Artist


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