Setting The Sound

There comes a time in every games’ life when you need to add sound else it does not feel as complete as you would like.  My goal as of late has been to make the game feel more complete.

Our game involves quite a lot of story in it, which means that we are going to need a bunch of narration.  We have recorded placeholder narration, which allowed me to get it into the game and make sure that it all flows together properly.

Sound effects are another key focus for the audio in this game.  We want you to immerse yourself into the game and a small but important part of that is attributed to sound effects.  Having a properly placed sound effect can make a certain action feel complete or feel completely broken.  Currently the sound effects that are in the game are either placeholder or sound assets created by myself for this game.  For creating sounds I use whatever random materials that I have that makes the right sound for what we need.

With sound effects, I feel that having a slightly different sound effect for different states of an object is a must, because you want to be able to differentiate between the different states.  A good example that is currently implemented in the game, is that when you open a door it makes a little clicking noise when you open the door, however when you close the door it makes a longer squeak.

Sound Engineering can be a challenging but rewarding field to take up.  It is challenging in the fact that it can be very time consuming, along with having to mix a bunch of different tracks so that you get it just right.  However on the other end of the spectrum, Sound Engineering can be extremely rewarding.  The feeling that I get when I perfect a track so that it blends seamlessly and just performs phenomenally, is so joyful.

To reiterate, sound can make a game what it is, and even if you may think you do not need sound or sound effects, just imagine what the players that may play your game will think if they do not know what they are doing because either there are no instructions or no sound cues.  Your users will thank you 🙂

Ben Buckli

Sound Engineer / User Interface


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