Breathing Life Into Building 37

Up until this point in the further development of our game, the art and design teams of Two Hat Games have been mainly focused on boxing out our environments with grey objects, walls, and floors in order to get a better understanding of how our environment appears in gameplay.  However, as we beginning to near the halfway mark in the production of Building 37, the art and design teams have established what is known in the game development industry as a “Vertical Slice.”   A vertical slice is basically a term we use to associate a milestone or benchmark with emphasis on demonstrating progress across all areas of a project and/or game.  Having a milestone to shoot for and accomplish halfway through production is crucial for the forward progress and development of a game. This portion allows us to polish a small portion of the game and tweak it to our liking before we go ahead with polishing the entire game.

The vertical slice for the Two Hat Game’s art and design teams will be the creation and implementation of fully UV and textured artwork within select rooms of our game. This will also be seen in our finalized game trailer.  This is the point in development were we begin to breath life into a drab and un-textured environment and turn bland featureless objects and rooms into well recognizable and aesthetically appealing environments to enhance gameplay.

Below is one of the rooms in our game in which we have started the process of UV mapping our 3D modeled objects and texturing them to match our 1960’s noir art style.

UV map and texture work for an office desk by Alex Dvorak.OfficeUV:Textures

Implementation of the texture on the 3D modeled office desk        OfficeUV:TextureImage

– Douglas Heinkel


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