Find The Truth

Building 37 is filled with documents that hold all sorts of secrets, the only issue is the heavy redaction… As Ellis you will need find these documents and find the connections to piece together the story and help you find your way out. We here at Two Hat Games have been heavy at work creating and piecing together this information for the maximum puzzle experience. Each one of us became someone new: a janitor who’s seen to much, a scientist working on secret projects, even the test subjects who used these weird objects in hopes for a better understanding… We’ve done this in order to make sure our characters are unique. Each one of these characters has a unique background, and their findings and sightings will help you to understand the objects you encounter while you play, as well as help you discover the truth…

FollowSPhereTyperedact - Copy

So, get ready for the puzzle/adventure/exploration game you didn’t know you needed to play. Building 37 is fast in development, and shrouded in a mystery you don’t want to miss out on. Just pick up some papers and figure it out! Happy hunting, and good luck!


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