Play Testing!

This past Monday we had our first official play test. Play tests are a vital facet of game development. They give us the chance show others what we’ve been working hard on and they allow us to see how players perceive the game. When the testers were busy playing the game, members from the Building 37 team traversed the room observing how testers were playing the game and watching out for things that disrupted game play.Playtest2

Watching your game being played is tough! For programmers bugs and glitches in the code become apparent. Artists are able to see how their work looks in game and gather feedback about aesthetics. Designers watch the player experience the narrative and UI aspects. The play testers help us see these areas of opportunity.Playtest1

After the players were done testing, we asked them to fill out a questionnaire, which our QA team developed just for the occasion. Questions covered a wide range of game content from aesthetics to sound. The constructive criticism from testers is absolutely priceless. The feedback we get will help us improve the game and make it that much better!

Stay tuned for the next update.

Ally Schultz


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