The game-play of Building 37 revolves heavily around solving puzzles using special paranormal tools that the player discovers.  These objects were advanced for the 1960s, but remember, the government can’t tell you everything.  The employees of Building 37 used these paranormal objects to assist them in their everyday tasks.  Their origins are still unknown to us for the most part, but we speculated on the information we didn’t have…

The LEKTRAX is a non-terrestrial object that was used to mine electricity from another planet, somewhat like an electric pick-axe.  We believe that other worldly beings used the LEKTRAX to extract electricity and store it in a generator cart. The lektrax is placed over the hand and attached with a harness to the user.


The F0-110-W is a non-terrestrial object used by Building 37 employees to reach places and things unreachable by other means. We suspect that the other worldly beings who used F0-110-W previously also used it to reach spaces they physically could not.


The TOHIGANET is a mythical object suspected to be based on a Salish Native American folk tale of a powerful bear.  We aren’t sure how the Salish people used the TOHIGANET, but we are sure that it has the ability to change the direction of gravity.


Polished concept art: Will Falk

Original concept for LEXTRAX: Leah Bolin


Original concept for F0-110-W: Alyssa Fawcett

Follow Sphere Original Concept

Original concept for TOHIGANET: Ronnie Smith





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