Keep the Building Secure

It’s now time to talk about features in this game. There’s a lot of great stuff that we’re excited for you guys to see, and I’m going to start off with my favorite, the security.

Building 37 is set in an underground facility. This facility had some great secrets inside, and so great secrets also requires great security. Today I’m going to talk about the Security Cameras and Security Doors.

Security Cameras are essential parts of any secret facility, that way you’re able to see what all of the secret employees are doing as well as keeping intruders at bay! In this game security cameras will be able to have a few different functions. They basically act as alarms to other things, so you may not be able to get through a door or a trap may go off if one sees you. Overall, they are things you do not want to cross.

Security Camera Concepts

Now, I did mention doors, and that’s the other part of security I want to talk about. Security Doors are very important and can be controlled in a couple different ways. First of was mentioned before, the security cameras can have some control over the doors. There can also be other ways of opening up locked doors, such as using some of the paranormal objects that have been found in the facility. As we keep letting you know more and more about all the different aspects of the game, you’ll be able to see how everything interacts with each other, and at the end you’ll be able to explore Building 37.

– Austin Stewart


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