The Mysteries of Building 37

Two Hat Games is proud to announce the game we will be working through the school year is the exploratory noir game Building 37. You play as a P.I. searching for a missing person in an abandoned warehouse, but what you find is an abandoned underground scientific facility surrounded in mystery. Now you must piece together the evidence to discover what caused the abandonment and you must escape the facility before you become trapped forever and lost to history.

The teams goal is to provide a game that will draw the player into a unique mystery and create mechanics that will keep players engaged. We will accomplish this by providing a non-linear story of the PI recording and discovering evidence. The ending of the game will also be based on how the player deals with the things they find. The team has been researching paranormal, mythical, and extraterrestrial objects to bring interesting mechanics to the player that will help them solve puzzles and escape the facility. We also aim to have the player have a bit of fun by testing the abilities of these abnormal objects.

We chose to develop Building 37 based on the challenges it will provide for our artists, programmers, and game designers. This game also still felt like it had the right scope for us to ensure a polished release at the end of our 8 month development cycle. The most significant challenge that the artists will face is unifying our individual artistic skills into one cohesive style. There is also the obstacle whenever anyone makes a game based in a specific time period. We are doing our research to ensure historical accuracy. As stated before we are having paranormal objects that will effect objects in interesting ways. The programmers are going to have to tackle these with care, especially when the player has use the paranormal objects in tandem with each other. The programmers will also have to take on the complex evidence piecing together mechanic that has multiple conditions associated to it. Lastly, the designers have the challenge of piecing these mechanics along with a complex story to make sure the game is thoroughly play tested and that we have the player’s enjoyment in mind. The team is extremely motivated, we all know this may be the last chance that we will be given all these tools and are able to be working with friends to make one kickass game.

We will be constantly updating the progress of the game to give players and friends alike an idea on what goes on during the video game development process. We would also like to show the added challenge of this being a student made game. We hope you all continue following and we can’t to get the game into your hands.


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